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SIM Member Spotlight: Kevin More

By Samantha Kresz posted 23 days ago


Every now and then a member of an organization will step up and make an impact that lasts beyond their tenure. That member for SIM is Kevin More of the SIM Boston chapter. 

He has been a SIM member for more than 15 years. Throughout his time, he made many contributions to his chapter, his community, and SIM National. Others have said that Kevin has SIM in his DNA, and we think his time in the organization proves just that.

Kevin’s perseverance is evident in his accomplishments both at work, as a CIO, and with the SIM Community. He has served on numerous committees and boards including:

  • SIM RLF Graduate 2005 
  • SIM Boston President 2011
  • SIM Boston Vice President 2010
  • SIM Boston Marketing Chair, Web Editor 2009
  • SIM Boston Marketing and Publicity Chair, Webmaster 2008
  • SIM Boston Marketing and Publicity Chair 2007
  • SIM Boston TLS 2017-2019
  • SIM National Management Council
  • SIM National Board of Directors
    • SIM National Chapter Representative
    • SIM National Vice Chair
    • SIM National Chair of the Board 
    • SIM Nation Chair Emeritus

Kevin More has been a trusted and valued member of SIM Boston for many years.  If there were three words that could sum up Kevin, they would be: Respect, Humility, and Perseverance. 

We spoke with several members of the SIM Boston Chapter who said the following about Kevin More: 

Kevin has always been very polite and kind to others, regardless of title or disposition. He is a good listener and seeks to understand, rather than be understood.  For those golfers out there, as you know, you really get to know about a person’s ethics and patience when playing golf.  Kevin is the first to admit his mistakes while supporting his colleagues when they make mistakes too. He also counts EVERY stroke he takes, including lost balls. 

Kevin is known for his dry sense of humor. Often, people misspell his last name, and being a jokester, he would give people a hard time for making this very common mistake. If there were an intense moment in a board meeting, Kevin would do something to lighten the mood. He had a talent for being able to build consensus and bring people together. 

Kevin is a leader among leaders, always listening first and then speaking with humility, insight, and strength. At the same time, he is committed to personal growth and to helping others to grow as well, which is a big part of what drives his commitment to SIM locally and nationally.  Kevin is a man of high morals and ethics and is a trusted and level-headed advisor and respected member and leader of the SIM community.  He always looks out for the best interest of others before his own.  

SIM has certainly benefited from Kevin’s contributions both at the local and national levels. He was an integral part of the new board thought leadership for SIM National. A person rarely leaves an organization in a better place than they found it, and SIM National is better positioned for the future thanks to Kevin More. We are grateful for his participation and hope to have more members like him in the upcoming years.