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SIM Leadership Spotlight July 2015

"Leadership Spotlight" includes interviews with Chapter Presidents, SIM Board members, Management Council members and other SIM leaders.  "Leadership Spotlight" will not only highlight SIM’s leadership and chapters,  but it will offer insight from our leaders on topics, treads and issues facing the Society, our chapters and the IT industry.

 An archive of interviews will be found HERE.

July 2015
Name: Ken Russell
SIM Role: SIM Wichita


1. How did the idea of the SIM Wichita chapter start?

Great question.  I’d been involved in starting a chapter before (Charlotte) and knew Wichita would be a great area for a new chapter.  We have such a diverse technology environment, aviation, healthcare, data analytics, oil/gas … so much is in Wichita! I met so many IT leaders wanting to find a place to come together and share ideas.  SIM is perfect for that!



2. Please provide an overview of the SIM Wichita chapter?

Where Innovation meets Implementation, where great ideas are born and take flight.  There are so many things we can say, but the founding members of the chapter have something in common: we are all driven to share Wichita (and Wichita’s technology expertise and capabilities) with the rest of the nation!

3. What are your goals as the first President of the SIM Wichita chapter?

Build relationships!  It all starts with connections and I hope our chapter will become known for helping IT leaders connect and find ways to collaborate.

4. What are the hottest trends in the industry? 

I’d say Dynamic Data (not just Big Data), Technology Consumption (not just Technology Creation), how technology inventions are changing (and how we promote and protect intellectual property has to change too) . . . but the biggest of all trends seems to be Social Knowledge (how we harness an organization’s knowledge by leveraging Social Media Tools).


5. What challenges do you foresee as you build the chapter? 

I’m sure this is common.... finding the time to connect.  That’s a big reason we’ll be focusing on connecting with our membership in myriad ways and leveraging Social Media/Social Knowledge techniques.  


6. What is the one piece of advice you will give the next President of the SIM Wichita chapter? 
To take time to just listen.  To really listen to the needs and challenges of the IT Leaders in your community (maybe it’s recruiting, maybe cost containment, or something else entirely).  There is always so much to learn just by listening authentically.

7.  What is the one piece of advice you would give to someone who wants to start a SIM chapter? Don’t be discouraged by the process.  It can be daunting, but know that there are people interested and available to help you.  I couldn’t do this without the support from National SIM.



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