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SIM Leadership Spotlight February 2013

"Leadership Spotlight" includes interviews with Chapter Presidents, SIM Board members, Management Council members and other SIM leaders.  "Leadership Spotlight" will not only highlight SIM’s leadership and chapters,  but it will offer insight from our leaders on topics, treads and issues facing the Society, our chapters and the IT industry.


 An archive of interviews will be found HERE.

February 2013
Name: Larry Freed
SIM Role: SIM Dallas / Fort Worth Chapter President


1. Please provide a brief overview of the Dallas / Fort Worth chapter.
Founded in 1983, the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) area Chapter of SIM is "The Voice of IT Leadership in Dallas/Fort Worth”. Our current membership of over 270 individuals includes senior information managers from more than 140 local industry organizations, government agencies, and universities.  More than 83% of the members are IT practitioners.  The DFW SIM chapter meets monthly to network and discuss topics of interest with information technology professionals.
2. What are/were your goals for your term as the President of the DFW chapter?
The goals for the chapter are quite simple; continue to build upon the established foundation and ongoing success of the SIM DFW Chapter since its founding.  With a strong membership base, sound financials, and an engaged Board the future is very promising.  The Board is determined to establish a long term strategic outlook.  In addition to delivering engaging monthly programs for the membership there is a renewed focus on Community Outreach.  Giving back to the community through the support of STEM education initiatives will be a priority.  Community Outreach for the chapter is grounded on three pillars; Scholarships, Education and Philanthropy.  Scholarship awards to students at local universities, promotion of Microsoft’s WorldWide Telescope in partnership with SIM DFW, Harvard University and local DFW school districts, and partnering with a local non-profit that assists at-risk youths by supporting the organization in realizing their top ten information technology needs.

3. What are the hottest trends in the IT industry? 
The hottest trends for 2013 in the Dallas Fort Worth area are really no different than what others around the nation and globe are experiencing.  The Cloud, Big Data, Social Media, Mobility/BYOD and Business Intelligence continue to maintain their place on the top of the list.

4. What challenges is your chapter currently facing?
The SIM DFW Chapter has experienced 29 years of continuous growth and can proudly boast of a strong membership.  Each year however, we strive to understand and manage turnover and increase attendance at our monthly events.  The challenge is to understand why and how best to address the problems that impact our members.  We strive to retain our membership, provide opportunities to get involved and volunteer, and present programs that are current and engaging.

5. What is the one piece of advice you will give to the next President of the DFW chapter?
Since this is the first year of my two year term I am focused on establishing an operating rhythm for the Board and achieving the chapter’s immediate goals.  One of the keys to success as President is to stay focused on a limited number of important objectives that can be attained.  Surround yourself with a capable team of people that are passionate and motivated to accomplish their objectives for the advancement of the organization.  I’m pleased to say SIM DFW has that commitment and passion.


An archive of interviews will be found HERE.


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