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Chapter Summit 2010
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2010 Summit

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2010 Chapter Leader Summit. The presentations and notes are below.


Summit Presentations

Knowledge Management (KM) & SIM Programs
Facilitator: Ed Trainor

SIMposium Presentation
Presented by Dr. Dave Chatterjee

Cross Chapter Involvement
Facilitator: Tim Crawford, Breakout Tables

Chapter Leader Transition Update
Facilitator: June Drewry

Management Council Update
Facilitator: Wendall Jones

3R's of SIM (Roles, Responsibilities & Relationships Across SIM Components)

Facilitator: Rick Pride

Bylaws Changes - Moving Chapter Rights from the Back End to the Front End
Facilitator: Pay Coffey Presentation
Facilitator: June Drewry

Partner Program Presentation
Facilitator: Sunil Verma

APC Presentation
Facilitator: Madeline Weiss

Marketing Presentation
Presented by: Judy Arteche-Carr

Summit Action Items

Please review the following summary. Should you have any feedback, please feel free to direct it to me at or send comments to your respective chapter representative.

One outcome was not put in to the prioritization process—your (chief executive's) offer to personally call each new member/applicant. This offer was accepted on the spot by participants and the orders were ‘just do it”

The others were:

1. Create a value proposition (30A votes) 

2. Membership orientation/on-boarding (20B votes)

My opinion of what this means:

"CREATE A VALUE PROPOSITION” this is as we discussed the biggest area of opportunity for SIM. SIM grew up over three-plus decades. The original intent of legitimizing IT as a credible business partner and player at the CXO table, to grow people in their IT careers, to take advocacy positions—SIM was once the only game in town. There are multiple other avenues, and "competitors”—so what’s the value proposition now? If I sign up as a member, what do I get? (We touched on this with member at large versus chapter affiliate) I think the value prop has multiple issues: 1) what does a new member get, 2) what does a continuing member get (what is chapter-specific versus "international”), and finally 3) what do the chapters get as a result of being with SIM versus just a local IT-interest club? This will affect membership types and member benefits offered—this is the most fundamental question in my opinion

"MEMBERSHIP ORIENTATION AND ONBOARDING”: right now, if you apply and are accepted, you’re in. Then what happens? As an enticement before the fact to join or continue we should be able to spell out WHAT is available, but this part in my opinion is to get people the WHERE AND HOW. Where is all the cool stuff I have access to, how do I get it, when is it available. I also think there is a "reach-out” and orientation (assign a buddy if attending a chapter meeting?) way to get the person to feel included. Some members join for the relationships, some join for content—we need to appeal to both as they come in so that they stay. And, when SIM has new stuff or innovations, how do we let the members know so they can take greatest advantage?


3. Create a playbook of best practices (PR best practices, events) (43 votes)

4. Create a consistent brand (31 votes)

My opinion of what this means:

"CREATE A PLAYBOOK”: a lot of this material has been created, is available, and can be discussed at Judy’s monthly marketing committee calls. I think the urge was to make sure real life use situations (best practice, innovations) found their way in, and that people knew where to look for the stuff that’s "on the website”

"CREATE A CONSISTENT BRAND”: Brand is a lot bigger than just the visual treatment and proper templates—but even THAT as a consistent use would be an improvement. I recall also some discussion on what can you get –as you go from chapter to chapter there is a big difference in experience, here is where the chapter ops people can help coach or cross-pollinate.

Knowledge Management:

5. Speaker sharing repository (speaker names, formats, ratings) (votes 29)

6. Create an event playbook (programs and locations) (24 votes)

 Note: the request for a TOOL was not among the top 2—it was third. The chapters are looking for content.

My opinion of what this means:

SPEAKER SHARING REPOSITORY: wanted names, subject matter, how well they did (feedback/reviews) and format information (not stated but I also imagine contact information as well. Seems to me there should be an opportunity to coordinate/negotiate on behalf of a couple of chapters versus having "every man for himself”. But in the meantime, at least give them the information to pursue this individually,

CREATE AN EVENT PLAYBOOK: templates of what they did and how they did it and what was considered (from insurance to food and beverage to AV equipment to publicity to charge levels…

Sample Chapter Collateral

SIM General Documents

Membership Documents

Marketing Documents

Outreach Documents

Summit Photos

Click on the link below to view photos from the 2010 Summit: (*Photos provided by Christi Daigre)

Click on the link below to view a short video montage from Summit: (*video created by Andrew Jackson's 14 yr old son.)


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