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SIM RLF 4,000 Graduates



More than 4,000 rising business and IT professionals from top U.S. and global companies have experienced the RLF program with life-changing and career-enhancing results. 

Hear from these graduates yourself, in their own words …


Graduates And Their Sponsoring Companies Agree … RLF Delivers


A life-changing opportunity …

"RLF is one of those rare life-changing events we all hope to come across once or twice in our lifetime. I went into RLF hoping I’d become better in my job. I came out of RLF realizing it’s not about me becoming better. It’s about the plurality of us becoming better together in every area of life. RLF is a great opportunity to realign life’s core values. It was exhilarating being able to take a deep and introspective dive into what I believe and how I can make a difference for others.”

                Gary Bussell

                Vice President, JP Morgan Chase  


Powerful self-awareness …

”RLF has helped me better understand myself: my own values, priorities, passion, and my "kernel of power,” It has helped me recognize the connection between lifelong learning and true leadership. I may not have the exact recipe for my ultimate success just yet, but I’m confident (thanks to RLF), that I have all the ingredients.”

                Vince Benenati

                Director, Information Services, Houghton Mifflin Company


Putting all of the pieces together …
"RLF is an extraordinarily rare jewel in the crowded field of professional education. Through an understanding of how people, technology and organizations interact, the SIM RLF helps information technology professionals become effective business leaders.”

                Clinton C. Gilliam

                AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals


“RLF gives you the tools, the ideas, the network and the solid connections to carry on a lifelong learning process.  That’s really what RLF did for me.”

                Noreen Randazzo

                VP & CIO Enterprise Solutions, The Hartford


Learning to be more confident, more introspective ...
"RLF has positively impacted my leadership skills and overall quality of life. I strongly believe that the nature of the program and the duration of the program are key to its success. After RLF, I feel I am living it. I have more self-confidence in my skills, am willing to take more risks to be a better leader, and my leadership and IT skills have improved.  I have career and personal goals in place to direct me in the future, and my work/family balance has improved.”

                Debra Kosty

                EnterpriseData Services (EDS)


“There was a strong anticipation of things that I could have gotten out of it, but in no way could it have prepared me for the depth of introspection that RLF provided for me, nor the depth of the friendships that I would make within the Forum.”

                Sean Kennedy

                Director of Business Analysis, Amtrak



A huge ROI …
"RLF was well worth the investment. It is for the serious leader with potential who is looking for leadership development on a more personal level. I think that I know myself fairly well, but this has helped me recognize and understand my strengths, what drives me and how to use those strengths for the best outcome in given situations."

                Karen Chamberlain

                Allstate Financial Technology



“It pays for itself ten times over.  Everyone who has ever gone through RLF has the same reaction … life-changing … best program I’ve ever been to.  It’s very rare that you have a leadership program that people have that same reaction.”

                Robert Brown

                VP Medical Business Technology, Pfizer



Growing in personal and professional self-awareness…

"What the sponsoring company gains from RLF is an employee who has grown in leadership and self-awareness, who has created a valuable network of peers and who is thankful to their employer for investing in their future. This is the most remarkable program I have ever encountered in my career."

                June Drewry

                Former Global CIO of Chubb & Son, Inc.; Aon; and Lincoln National


Strong interaction with a network of peers …
"RLF provided the opportunity for our directors to further enhance their leadership characteristics. The introspection and ability to interact with their peers from different businesses were very beneficial. I would highly recommend this forum for future IT Leaders."

                Merv Tarde

                CIO, Interstate Batteries


A unique learning experience …
"We use the RLF to prepare our managers to take on greater responsibilities by learning more about themselves and their employees. This unique learning experience allows the students to participate in open dialogue with middle managers, senior executives and CIOs from other corporations. The topics discussed range from personal and work life balance to specifics on the management of IT professionals, making RLF an overall growth experience."

                Barry Skeens

                Executive Director, Program Management, SBC Communications, Inc.

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