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SIM Leadership Spotlight Archive


"Leadership Spotlight" includes interviews with Chapter Presidents, SIM Board members, Management Council members and other SIM leaders.  "Leadership Spotlight" will not only highlight SIM’s leadership and chapters,  but it will offer insight from our leaders on topics, treads and issues facing the Society, our chapters and the IT industry.  

Below is a list of Leadership Spotlight Archives


January: Paul Farrall (Seattle Chapter)
February: Nelson Still (Wisconsin Chapter)
March: Allen Looks (Albany Chapter)
April: Kristen Lamoreaux (SIM Women)
May: Madeline Weiss (APC)


January: Pat Randall (Boston Chapter)
February: Joe Malfesi (Capital Area Chapter)

April: Bruce Leidal (Western New York Chapter)

May: Kevin Rooney (Chicago)

June: Caren Shiozaki (SIM Cybersecurity Chair)

July: Phil Zwieg (Nashville)

August: Harper L. Bronson (Atlanta)

September: Pradeep Kumar (2016 LOY Winner)

October: Dave Berndt (2016 LOY Winner)

November: Susan Malisch (2016 LOY Winner)

December: George Slogik (Northeast Ohio)


February 2015: Jack Barsky (Albany)

March 2015 Angelo Morello  (Central Connecticut)

April 2015Kurt Brungardt (New York Metro)

May 2015: Brian Carlson (Minnesota)

June 2015: Geoff Endris (Indianapolis)

July 2015: Ken Russell (Wichita)

August 2015: Joe Bruhin (Coaltion for Open Security)

September 2015: June Drewry (RLF Director)

October 2015: Mark Griesbaum (2015 Leader of the Year winner)

November 2015: Douglas Gabel (2015 Leader of the Year winner)

December 2015: Jeff Stoval (2015 Leader of the Year winner)



January 2014: Mark Buttice (Colorado)
February 2014: Scot Berkey (Chicago)
March 2014: Joe Tait (Central Connecticut)
April 2014: Rich Cigna (New Jersey)
May 2014: Deborah DeCorrevont (Arizona)
June 2014: RJ Juliano (Philadelphia)
July 2014: Jasmin Shah (San Diego)
August 2014: Brandon Johnson (Southern California)
September 2014: Mark Cybulski (Detroit)
November 2014: Jack Rech (Charlotte)


January 2013: John Pierce (Portland)
February 2013: Larry Freed (Dallas Fort Worth)
March 2013: Keri Pearlson (Austin)
June 2013: Molly Mahoney (Central Florida)
July 2013: Ed Galloway (RTP)
August 2013: Jennie Zamberlan (Northeast Ohio)
September 2013: Tom Catalini (Boston)
October 2013: Terry Janis (Houston)
November 2013: Joseph Marcella (Las Vegas)


October 2012: Rob Rosko (Philadelphia) 
November 2012: Dave Chatterjee (Atlanta)
December 2012: Mark Buttice (Colorado)

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