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SIM New Extra - April 2017


April 2017



In This Issue

Leadership Spotlight: Kristen Lamoreaux, SIM Women Founder
Just Launched - The 2017 SIM IT Trends Study?
Personal Branding A Must For 21st Century Leaders
Are You Prepared For Organizational Risks of the Analytics of Things?
The New Face of Cyber Threats

Leadership Spotlight: Kristen Lamoreaux,SIM Women Founder


1. What is your current role with SIM?
I feel like I’ve been a SIM member since God was a boy, but I believe the actual number is around 12 years now.  I’m currently President-Elect, MIT Chair, Sponsorship Committee member for SIM Philadelphia, Events Chair for PHISIM Foundation, STEM Outreach Committee Member, and Founder of SIM Women.  I enjoy being involved with SIM at local and national levels which is why I also serve on the National SIM Connect Live committee and chaired Sponsorship for SIMposium last year.


2.  Please provide an overview of SIM Women
SIM Women is a community group inside of SIM that promotes networking, career and leadership development, and mentoring amongst the female members of SIM. We have monthly webinars and regional networking events focused on leadership in the technology field. Our webinars typically feature authors, executive coaches, or CIOs sharing their stories or how a particular aspect of leadership made a difference in their careers. 


3. Please tell us about the SIM Women Leadership Summit
In addition, we have an annual national meeting – the SIM Women Leadership Summit. This year’s event will be at the Drake Hotel in Chicago on May 4th. We have a full day of leadership planned and are excited about caliber of our speakers as well as the format. We have a great mix of keynotes, TEDx-style talks, and panels covering a myriad of topics all focused on advancing your individual career and personal growth. Read more…


4. How has SIM Women changed since its inception?
The truth is other than growing, we haven’t. We’ve stayed true to our mission from the jump.

5. What do you see for the future of SIM Women?
The future for SIM Women is bright. We have SIM Women Champions in most chapters that lead the ‘boots on the ground’ local events, and a few chapters have created SIM Women board seats. SIM Women is a benefit of SIM membership that will continue to grow and, through our partners, be able to offer our SIM members an opportunity for greater career visibility as well as fresh perspectives on technology leadership. As we have for the last ten years, SIM Women looks forward to the exciting pace of business changes, the opportunities that come with each year, and the development of female IT leaders everywhere!

Read the entire article HERE.


Just Launched – The 2017 SIM IT Trends Study!
Participate now to receive valuable benefits

Data collection has begun for the 38th anniversary SIM IT Trends Study! You should have received a personalized link via email, so if you have not please check your junk folder (and add and to your safe list). You may also access the survey by logging into and clicking the IT Trends banners on most pages.

Higher participation equals more insightful findings! The study asks about what keeps you up at night, where you are spending IT budget dollars, how you spend your time, what skills are in demand, how you are addressing cybersecurity and cloud challenges, and much more. You can get last year’s report here. All SIM members can meaningfully participate, including academics, MIT, and retired professionals.  Read more...


Personal Branding A Must For 21st Century Leaders
Helping today’s senior leaders achieve a resonating personal brand is a significant component of SIM’s 2017 Executive RLF program. 

The days of senior leaders relying solely on their title and org chart position to earn respect and pave the way for promotion have yielded to a new reality. Today, the characteristics of one’s personal brand play an increasingly crucial role in how top leaders are perceived and measured – and considered for advancement. That’s why building and exuding a unique view of one’s self is a prime focus of SIM’s 2017 Executive RLF program, currently underway with senior leader participants from across the nation.

“One facet of personal branding concerns managing your name and your ‘brand’ in today’s world of 24/7 information,” says Darwin John, 2017 Executive RLF program leader. “It’s also important to manage your name and your ‘brand’ given the permanent footprints of the Internet.” 
Read more…


Are You Prepared For Organizational Risks of the Analytics of Things ("West World Frontier")?
CIOs and senior IT leaders have a new risk that should be keeping them up at nights: sensors everywhere that generate huge streams of data that provide analytic insights to drive decisions and actions from almost anywhere in the organization. Forecasters predict that the pursuit of analytics of things business value will pour gasoline on the fire of radical disruption. CIOs are well positioned to lead the pursuit of innovation as well as to create a governance structure that avoids significant organizational risk - financial and reputational.

At the June 13-14 Advanced Practices Council (APC) meeting, Professor Michael Goul of Arizona State University and a leading expert in predictive analytics governance, will share an evolving framework for governing predictive analytics that includes the analytics of things as well as the role of the CIO in delivering analytics of things innovations. 
Read more…


The New Face of Cyber Threats
Ransomware and Social Engineering: The Next Level

Major media outlets and publications such as CNBC, Fortune, Bloomberg and Forbes have headlined “people are often the weakest link in the security chain” for the past year. Cyber aggressors know this all too well. Motivated threat actors have taken ransomware and social engineering attacks to the next level. Do know what an advanced social engineering attack looks like? Are you ready?

Andrew Plato, accomplished author, speaker, leader, and analyst in information security, will be sharing with us his experiences and knowledge as the cyber threat landscape continues to evolve and provide even more challenges. Andrew envisions solutions based on identifying fringe patterns to improve early detection of social engineering, defending systems with procedural delays at key points in processes, and recovering from ransomware attacks with disposable information technology.

Join Laszlo Gonc, 
SIM’s Cybersecurity Special Interest Group (SIG) Programming Lead and established security professional as he interviews Andrew Plato, President and CEO of Anitian, for a lively discussion on ransomware, social engineering and the future of cyber security. Read more...






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