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Leader of the Year Award



SIM Leader of the Year Award Overview

The award provides a means for SIM to recognize member contributions to the growth, advancement, and excellence of SIM at the local level.                   


Individuals may nominate themselves or another deserving candidate within SIM. This year, the selection committee will be evaluating all nominees and select the most qualified candidates, regardless of chapter size.  We will select four to six winners who will be recognized on stage at SIM Connect Live in April.  Every year, all nominees will be sent a letter from SIM, recognizing their specific contributions. 



SIM Leader of the Year Award Judging Criteria 

The following criteria will govern the selection of the SIM Leader of the Year. Consideration will be given to the following demonstration of participation in SIM:

  • SIM Chapter Involvement and Impact (50%) - The nominee's involvement, contributions and impact on activities and programs of his/her local SIM chapter
  • Increasing Awareness of SIM (25%) - The nominee's efforts to increase awareness of SIM  in his/her local community
  • Nominee Recognition (25%) - Additional evidence submitted by the nominator why the nominee deserves to be recognized as a Leader of the Year. Includes quotes from others in your chapter or related organizations that support the nomination.


Not sure how to write a strong nomination?

Start with a theme:

Try to identify something that you can use as a theme in the nomination that sums up the person’s qualifications and contributions at the beginning. Example theme: Bill Smith’s many contributions to our chapter and to SIM could well be summed up as building bridges. For five years on our Board, he has built bridges related to members, programs and community outreach. This year, his hard work paid off with the following impressive results.


Submit Supporting Documents:
To help strengthen your nomination consider submitting documents to support your nomination. Source quotes from other chapter members and volunteers or ask other Board members and volunteers to write a letter of recommendation for your nominee. 

Keep it simple and say it like it is:

Don’t worry about using fancy language or elaborate and lengthy sentences. Feel free to use bulleted lists when appropriate.

Use concrete examples:

Quotations from other members, specific numbers or statistics about what was done, and details help strengthen a nomination.

Be clear and specific:

Don't assume that the committee members will understand any accomplishment in the same way. Be specific about what the nominee did and how that made a contribution to the chapter or to the broader SIM community. And be sure to explain the details in such a way that non-experts will understand.

Communicate sincerity and personal commitment:

Show that you value the contribution of your nominee and are enthusiastically commending him/her to SIM-wide attention.


Consider a collaborative nomination:

If reluctant to write a solo nomination, then round up another SIM member or two and write the nomination together. Working together makes gathering ideas and writing the nomination easier. Additionally, nominations that are supported by quotes of endorsement from your chapter board members or fellow chapter volunteers can only strengthen your nomination.

Make your case:

Organize the nomination using specific details—numbers, facts, examples, anecdotes—that convincingly illustrate your points.

Involve the nominee:

If you are comfortable doing so, show early drafts to the nominee and other readers to get feedback on how to improve it. Quote others whose reputations in SIM will help the nominee to be favorably considered.  Check the final draft for typos, long compound sentences, unsupported generalizations and other mistakes before submitting the nomination.



Questions? Contact Vincenzo Nelli, LOY Program Manager.

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