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Since the 1980's, almost anyone who has been in the IT industry has experienced career transition, frequently and sometimes very unexpectedly. The SIM organization provides support for Members in Transition (MIT) in the following ways:

There are several tools found on the SIM website at SIM Career Resources. Under the Resources section, an executive recruiter offers any SIM Member 30 minutes of free consulting around ideas about their careers or job search.

  • SIM will waive your membership fee for the year following the year you enter into transition up until you are re-hired, at which time dues are prorated for the remainder of that year.
  • SIM Memphis offers an exclusive program developed by Susan Caldwell and Jana Markowitz geared toward MITs as they search and prepare for new career opportunities.

Jana Markowitz

Mary Jo Greil

Susan Caldwell

Rick Pride


Susan Caldwell has over thirty years experience in IT roles, with the last seven as an IT recruiter including executive recruiting. Prior to recruiting, Susan's positions focused on IT delivery consulting as a Systems Engineer with Data General (now EMC) and as a Director for Oracle Consulting Services. She has also spent time on the other side of the desk as an IT practitioner. These varied roles give her a unique 360 degree view on the hiring and job sourcing process. Jana Markowitz has many years of experience in technology (including 15 years at IBM in systems engineering), consulting, and management development, with a special focus on helping information technology organizations with staffing, training, professional development and relationship management issues.

Currently the program consists of seven sessions which last approximately two hours each and include the following topics:

  • Marketing Yourself, Networking, and Hands-on Training on how to Leverage LinkedIn for Networking and Job Searches
  • Resume Writing and Posting
  • Working with a Recruiter
  • Soft Skills for Technical People
  • Interviewing
  • So you want to be a Consultant - how to get started
  • Personal Change Strategy
  • Self-awareness Tune-up

Susan and Jana are relying heavily on the input of the MIT participants and are crafting the session content based on their feedback. If Jana and Susan do not have the expertise to provide what is needed, they do their best to bring in someone who can. For example, the Personal Change Strategy and Self-awareness Tune-up topics are being presented by Mary Jo Greil, of the Carson Greil Group. Mary Jo has many years experience as an IT Practitioner as well as has completed eight years as a certified Executive Coach. Getting Started as a Consultant is being offered by Rick Pride, who transitioned from the role of IT Practitioner to found his own consulting organization, Impact IT. Rick will share his personal experiences and advice in making this transition.

Here's what fellow SIM members had to share about the first session...

"I just wanted to say "thanks" to Susan and Jana for putting together a great program for the SIM MIT's. It took a lot of personal time and energy and I know all of us who were there appreciate that effort.

A special thanks also to Sue Conklin, for so graciously providing a place for us to meet!

SIM is all about the network that connects us and what a great way this was to provide support to fellow SIM members. This modern era has seen the death of loyalty to a company, and the need to always be ready to move on. The hard reality of the job market these days is the average person will change jobs every 2-5 years. I think the message and techniques that Susan and Jana communicated so well are fundamental to professional growth for IT managers. It would probably be a good idea to have a periodic chapter meeting that focuses on this message, evolving tools and trends, and the key actions that every one of us needs to take every day.

Again, thanks Susan, Jana, and Sue!!"

- John Oglesby

"I want to reiterate John's message and add that it takes a special kind of vision to recognize the need for this dialog. Great initiative and outstanding follow-through.

As Susan's emails used to remind us,

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed people can change the world: indeed it's the only thing that ever has!
- Margaret Meade

Thank you Jana, Sue, and Susan,"

- Dick Vandenberg


Sessions are open to all members, not just MIT. If you are interested in attending the MIT sessions, please contact Susan or Jana. Sessions will continue as needed. One-on-one sessions can also be arranged.

Thanks to the following companies for hosting MIT sessions:

International Paper
Thomas & Betts



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