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SIM Leadership Spotlight December 2012

"Leadership Spotlight" includes interviews with Chapter Presidents, SIM Board members, Management Council members and other SIM leaders.  "Leadership Spotlight" will not only highlight SIM’s leadership and chapters,  but it will offer insight from our leaders on topics, treads and issues facing the Society, our chapters and the IT industry.


 An archive of interviews will be found HERE.

December 2012
Name: Mark Buttice
SIM Role: SIM Colorado Chapter President


1. Please provide a brief overview of the Colorado chapter
Although the Colorado chapter of SIM has been around well over a decade, it has had a resurgence over the past 3 years. Over this period of time, our chapter had doubled, and then doubled again. Our board contains 11 dedicated individuals and our chapter has grown to 130 members.

2. What are/were your goals for your term as the President of the Colorado chapter?
Our broad goal is to continue our growth, continue providing quality programs and to institute some of the practices of the larger chapters. This includes instituting an outreach program within our membership, increasing our community involvement, attracting national speakers and utilizing sponsorship in a responsible manner.

3. What are the hottest trends in the IT industry? 
Technology is strong in Colorado as evident of the 2% unemployment rate in the Denver community and the number of start-ups in this space. Our trends are similar to those experienced throughout our nation.

4. What challenges is your chapter currently facing?
Regarding current membership, our biggest challenges are continuing to provide quality programs and opportunities to our members and tapping on their talent through an effective outreach program. Beyond this, we struggle with effectively attracting active members from larger organizations and blending the needs of large company CIOs with emerging company CIOs.

5. What is the one piece of advice you will give to the next President of the Colorado chapter?
Clearly set a vision and the board will do the rest.

An archive of interviews will be found HERE.


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