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2016 STEM Outreach Metrics

Thank you for taking the time to report the metrics around your chapter STEM Outreach activities! The annual chapter totals help us to market the great work of the SIM organization in community support and filling the IT Pipeline.


In the following form (scroll to the bottom to begin), you'll be asked to fill in some metrics. Below are descriptions to help clarify the information we're seeking (you will be able to refer back to these descriptions as you fill out the form):

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1. Total Dollars Given or Spent – This is all money the chapter has given for STEM Outreach such as scholarships, grants, etc. or money spent for activities involving STEM Outreach. If you want to report on Dollars Given or spent on non-STEM Outreach activities, please put this number on the same line with a note. We have not decided how to account for this yet but want to know how broadly this affects the chapter.

2. Total Number of Scholarships Given
 – How many did your chapter award in this year?

Total Scholarship Dollars Awarded (Subset of Total Dollars) – Number of scholarships X scholarship amount.

4. Total Number of SIM Volunteers Involved – How many chapter members gave time, money or resources?

5. Total Number of Volunteer Hours Given
– Accumulation of hours by all volunteers (above), or their company employees, for STEM Outreach activities.

6. Total Number of Students Reached
– How many students has your chapter interacted with for STEM Outreach. This includes scholarship award recipients, mentoring, teaching or other activities in efforts to increase the IT Pipeline.

7. Total Number of Schools Reached 
– This includes the schools/universities for scholarship award winners and any STEM Outreach activities involved at a school.

8. Total Number of Non-Profits Involved
– Did you work with other organizations such as NCWIT, Year Up, IT-ology, etc. for the activities? 

9. Number of Years of Continuous Chapter Outreach Programming
 – How many years has your chapter been involved with STEM Outreach activities? This will go up each year if your program continues.

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Grade Level of Students Reached
– Please enter the number of students in each grade range on the template. We’d like to track the age at which the chapters are reaching out to students.

Page 4

Non-Profit Name
- Please list the names of the non-profit organizations that were involved with STEM Outreach efforts?

Scholarship Recipient Organization Name(s) 
– Please list the college/university/other whose students were awarded scholarships.



If you have any additional questions, please contact the STEM Outreach co-chairs so we can make improvements to the instructions.

Janis O'Bryan (

Nanci Schimizzi (



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