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Our Mission:

To boost the capabilities of SIM members to confidently meet the challenges of the ever changing digital risk landscape.

Our Vision:

The DigiRisk SIG builds and sustains a high value network of digital visionaries.

Our Objectives:

Educate through podcasts, webinars, forums

Enable by providing access to actionable tools and intellectual assets

Build a networking forum for SIM members to exchange views and share best practices


PODCAST SERIES: "Employee Mental Health Amidst a Pandemic"


Part #1:  Commit to Mental Well Being Release Date 08/24

The pandemic led to widespread orders for sheltering in place, resulting in companies shifting to a massive work-from-home model overnight. Workers faced a major organizational change that compounded existing worries they already had over COVID-19. Learn about the manifestations of mental health issues that may develop, how to recognize the symptoms, and what leaders can do to support their teams.


Part #2: Resilient LeadershipRelease Date 08/31

When businesses emerge from shutdown, the work places will look, and operate, vastly different from before. Some workers may have to return to a physical office, whether or not they want to. And the virus continues to be a threat. We will discuss the concept of "Resilient Leadership" and why it is critical to ensuring a dedicated and productive workforce in this "next normal."


Part #3: Transparency + Care = TrustRelease Date 09/14

The future has never been more uncertain. This "next normal" that we're now dealing with is just one of many to come. As we wrap up the series, we will discuss the imperative for empathetic, forward thinking leadership to help employees function effectively in ever evolving environments.

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Businesses are more digitally interconnected.  This brings with it different and more complex risks. The most successful leaders are able to look across all functional areas of their companies, not just where they sit on the org chart. Join us as we explore the multi-faceted world of digital risk.

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