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SIM’s Giveback Campaign 2020

By Samantha Kresz posted 06-09-2020 13:05


SIM’s National Giveback Week will be held from November 1 through November 8th. How is chapter planning to participate? 

And just added - the SIM Foundation Virtual Event which is an opportunity to hear amazing speakers and raise awareness and dollars to increase SIM’s impact in communities.  

Our nonprofit partners need a lot of support right now and there are so many ways to engage your members - mentoring, volunteering, fundraising, hosting a job shadowing day - the possibilities are endless.  

Mark your calendars for the next Outreach Chapter call on Monday, June 15 at 4:00PM EST to hear more details.   Chapter Outreach contacts and Chapter Presidents have received an invite but all chapter members are invited to attend. Contact Karis Miles to have your name added to the invite.  

Once again, thank you for all that you do - SIM’s impacts are so much stronger because of each of you.   Questions on the Giveback campaign can be directed to Nanci Schimizzi or Cindy Mckenzie. 
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