Advanced Practices Council


Improve global efficiency, while retaining local flexibility...

Organizations seek to increase global efficiency by enhancing economies of scale and scope.

How can your enterprise balance the need for
large-scale IT efficiency with local agility?

Find the balance with the Advanced Practices Council's new Anchored Agility report.


Our select team of researchers gathered insight from top CIOs to break down how you can:

  • Determine which processes to scale for efficiency and which to keep flexible at the local level
  • Choose the optimal time to execute process changes
  • Govern changes to drive employee buy-in and adoption at all levels of your company

Learn how 12 companies across 11 industries with a combined revenue of $750 billion managed their transitions:

"We started by mapping core capabilities
and what we want to protect. These were capabilities that we believe gave us a
competitive advantage"

~Toy Manufacturer
"At the moment, we have three different sales systems (Asia, EU, NA). We are in the
process of tightly integrating
them using Salesforce."

~Flooring Product Manufacturer

Find the balance