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Past The Big Data Hype
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Wednesday, November 18th

Past The Big Data Hype:
Actually Understanding and Profiting From Big Data


*4:30 Taste of RLF (Regional Leadership Forum) Information Session

5:30--8:30 PM Dinner Event
at the Seattle Yacht Club


Register online.



The Big Data hype is over and it’s time to actually get results.  Not easy when Big Data has been so overhyped, Berkeley University compiled a list of 40 competing, contradictory definitions. But to those who really understand Big Data, it’s a competitive advantage on par with computers or the internet itself.  The key is to understand that Big Data is really a collection of different technologies all vaguely clumped together by those who either don't know better or vendors who thinks ambiguity helps sales.  As Thomas Davenport said, "Vendors and consultants will take any new, hot term and apply it to their existing offerings…and that has already happened in spades with Big Data."  In this talk, Big Nimble founder Michael Kauffman cuts through the techno-babble and marketing fog to explain what Big Data actually is and how to use it.


Michael Kauffman has 20 years’ experience as a technology strategist and attorney for Fortune 100 companies, startups, non-profits, and government both in the US and abroad.  Michael explains technology in plain English and has personally guided numerous teams and organizations in their transition from gut-driven to data-driven. Today, that means understanding Big Data, which is just the latest in a long line of computer aided decision support technologies stretching back to the 1950’s. As Michael has done with previous technology, he clears the Big Data marketing fog so people can make informed, strategic and profitable decisions.

"Michael’s big data presentation is excellent.  It’s one of the few talks aimed at business leaders, where you actually walk away understanding big data, and able to see immediate possibilities for your business. Just phenomenal." — John Hughes, CIO, SIM Member, Author

"Michael’s 20 years as a technology leader shows.  Just when you think you know a subject, he’ll show you something you hadn’t seen before.  He sees the forest and the trees at the same time.  I would see him speak about anything” — Antej Nuhanovic, Solutions Architect, World Bank

"Michael is such an engaging speaker. In short, he makes the amazingly complex understandable." — Mike Kelly, CEO, TechDNA


*Taste of RLF

We are also a having a special pre-event this month related to the SIM's Regional Leadership Forum (RLF) and becoming a SIM member. This event is geared to provide you with information about the RLF and its quest to develop authentic IT Leaders. It is an innovative 10 month program based on experiences, relationships and leadership concepts that will ensure your IT organization is ready for the “Future of IT”. We will also share why becoming a SIM member has made a difference in your professional life.



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