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Big Data, Machine Learning and Psychology
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June 17, 2015
Big Data, Machine Learning and Psychology: Reduce Risk of Leaks & Modify Employee Behavior

Olav Opedal, Principal IT Enterprise Architect at Microsoft
5:30--8:30pm, Dinner Event
Seattle Yacht Club


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Dr. Olav Opedal brings to Seattle SIM a unique perspective about integrating knowledge from the field of Psychology with Information Security concerns. This month’s speaker is both an Enterprise Architecture Architect as well as a Clinical Psychologist.  His premise is that we each possess two systems of thinking: an automatic response and a cognitive approach; and that these thought systems must be integrated to respond effectively to information security threats.   Dr. Opedal will share a case study of how an international software company addressed their security challenges and the lessons learned.

Dr. Opedal will lead us to examine behaviors that cause security leaks: over-sharing, susceptibility to phishing and choosing consumer solutions over enterprise solutions. We’ll hear about  how Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics in the Cloud can help shed light on human behaviors, and which behavioral change programs are effective versus those that fail.


Presenter: Olav Opedal

Olav has 15 years of experience in information security ranging from cryptography, PKI, policy management, global security deployments, security architecture, cloud security architecture, statistical analysis, machine learning analysis, sentiment analysis, social network analysis, and behavioral analysis. Olav has a B.S. Computer Science, M.S. Clinical Psychology, and PhD candidate General Psychology.






Thank you to our June event sponsor:  Commvault!

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