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The Memphis Chapter meets from 5 to 8 pm on the first Thursday of each month, unless otherwise scheduled. The usual agenda is an informal social hour from 5:30 to 6pm followed by dinner and a featured speaker or panel roundtable and discussion. The meeting location varies, depending upon the program. Occasionally, a lunch or breakfast meeting will be scheduled instead of the evening meeting. Local restaurants, host corporations and educational institutions are common meeting places.

Roundtable Meetings

At Roundtable meetings, members give updates on local projects of general interest to the membership, discuss challenges and generate ideas regarding the resolution of some particular problem a member may be experiencing, and discuss case studies regarding the strategic planning and implementation approaches of member companies. Members are encouraged to take an active role in offering advice and counsel, as well as raising new, but related, concerns and considerations. Attendance at Roundtable meetings is strictly limited to SIM members due to the confidential, and sometimes proprietary, nature of the topics discussed.

Partner Member Programs

Designed to foster an improved spirit of cooperation and understanding between IT and business executives, Partner Member programs focus on a particular business function, with presentations by local business leaders. Each member of the chapter is encouraged to invite a senior level executive from their organization to these meetings.

Download program presentations by clicking here.


1/05 Optimizing Talent in Memphis


John Carroll (Choose901) and Billy Wingo (Periskōp360) are passionate about making Memphis a better place to live and work by helping organizations identify, recruit, and retain talent across nearly every industry (corporate, public servants, nonprofit).  They are passionate about equipping organizations to better communicate and understand millennials and perspective on Memphis.








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