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Houston Board Members
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Dates and Future Agenda for Executive Committee Meetings
Executive committee meetings are held before each chapter meeting. Individual, special executive committee meetings will be held with advance notice.

Executive Committee Meetings
Executive committee meetings are meetings of the officers of the chapter including president, executive vice president, and all VP positions listed below including the  treasurer. The meetings are open to all chapter members.
Board Members
George Crawford
Executive Vice President
Antonio Marin

Vice President Communications
Melinda Linkous

Cliff Dowden 


Vice President Treasurer
Gregory Schulte
Vice President Membership
Gene Janiszewski

Luis Oliveras

Lisa Johnson

Vice President Programs
Tim Morgan

Dee Singh

Vice President Marketing
David Witt
William Rhodes
Vice President Outreach/Charity
Gary Russell

Mark Sakowitz

Vice President Members in Transition (MIT)
Stephen Webster

Kevin Leaverton

Vice President Sponsorship
Scott Duplantis

Sara Ward


SIM Women
Kathy Welch

Jeana Sublett


CIO Events
Paul Krueger

Jeana Sublett


SIM Houston Chapter Board Member Responsibilities

As defined in the Chapter By-Laws. (Brackets [ ] indicate clarification of responsibilities, or informal addenda to the by-laws.)
  1. Preside over all meetings of the members of the Chapter
  2. Represent, or designate a substitute to represent, the Chapter at Society meetings as the Chapter Designated member
  3. Call and preside over all Executive Committee meetings
  4. Designate all committees and their chairpersons
  5. Appoint annually the Nominating Committee
  6. Accept and receive donations, gifts, and bequests. [Coordinate any activities with ITEC organization or similar groups, as directed by the Chapter]
  7. Coordinate the Chapter's activities and programs and conduct any necessary business with the Society. [At beginning of the year, send an email with updated board information. Participate in SIM President calls.]
  8. Ensure that all orders and resolutions of the Executive Committee are placed into effect
  9. Supervise all other officers for the Chapter and see that their duties are properly performed. [Inform new board members of their responsibilities.]
  10. Submit a report of the operations of the Chapter for the preceding year to the members at the annual meeting
    [Have co-signer responsibilities on the bank account. Review any bank changes with the Treasurer.]
First Vice President - Program Chair:
  1. Provide the advance planning for the Chapter meetings to include arrangements for facilities, speakers and programs
  2. Perform such other duties as may be assigned from time to time by the President and Executive Committee

Second Vice President - Membership:

  1. Ensure that the Membership Committee acts on all applications for membership consistent with the qualifications guidelines established by the Executive Committee
  2. Advise the Secretary on all approved new members for addition to the membership roster
  3. Perform such other duties as may be assigned from time to time by the President and Executive Committee [Keep prospects list. Follow SIM international procedures for new members.] 
    [Participate in SIM membership calls]
  1. Collect monies. [Pay bills. Collect and deposit meeting money. Give written receipt at the door.]
  2. Keep account of receipts and disbursements
  3. Deposit the funds in a bank designated by the Treasurer with the concurrence of the Executive Committee
  4. Dispose of funds as may be ordered by the Executive Committee
  5. Provide periodic accounting of the financial condition of the Chapter
  6. Prepare and file all financial reports required by statute. [Fill out yearly taxes.]
  7. Prepare and maintain a "pro forma" financial statement for the chapter
  1. Keep minutes of business meetings
  2. Attend the sessions of the Executive Committee and record the minutes of all proceedings
  3.  Notify members and the Executive Committee of all meetings. [Send out meeting announcements via email. Reconcile bad emails, phone numbers, addresses with Membership Committee. Bring badges for attendees. Bring sign-in sheet of attendance.]
  4. Perform other duties as may be from time to time assigned by the President. [Manage vendor sponsorship programs. Maintain web site.]
  5. Maintain a membership roster
  6. Prepare, distribute, and collect all voting ballots
  7. Send out annual invoices to existing members and send out invoices to anyone wanting to join the chapter. 



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