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SIM New Extra - October 2015


October 2015



In This Issue
Leadership Spotlight: SIM Chicago Chapter, Mark Griesbaum
Scary Statistic
‘Strategic Dialogues’ Integral To SIM’s New Executive RLF 
Results of the 2015 SIM Chapter Leaders of the Year Award
Here’s What Keeps IT Leaders Up at Night
RLF – An Investment with Lifelong Dividends

SIM-MISQE Workshop on 
Digital Data Streams: Free to SIM members!


Leadership Spotlight: SIM Chicago Chapter, Mark Griesbaum

1.  Please tell us a little bit about yourself. 
I have been a SIM Member since 2006.  I became involved to network with my peers in the Chicago area.  As soon as I joined the Chapter, I was asked to join the Board.  Shortly thereafter, I was asked by John Phillips (newly elected President) to be his President Elect.  I saw the direction John was taking the Chapter, and gladly accepted the nomination. Read more…

2. Provide a brief overview of your chapter and and explanation of your role within the chapter.  
Chicago is certainly one of the oldest Chapters in SIM, beginning in the late 60’s to create a network of Data Processing professionals.  The Chapter has grown throughout the years and matured as a Chapter in the past few years.  My role in the Chapter is now a Trustee, and my main focus is on partnering with several organizations to Sponsor our events.  Our revenue from sponsorships has grown significantly over the past 3-5 years, and is a main reason that we can offer premier and first-class events for our members.

3. What are the hottest trends in the industry?  
The hottest trends in the industry are mobile apps, and cloud computing.  These two trends are changing the way in which organization’s customers are buying product, and cloud computing is changing the way in which organizations are hosting their technology.  The growth of the number of products being developed is staggering. Read more..


4.  What challenges is your chapter facing?  
I believe our biggest challenge facing our chapter is membership.  As membership grows, it is a constant challenge to replace any turnover from year to year in your membership numbers.  The churn of CIO’s over the past 1-2 years has certainly created a challenge in keeping the interest for those CIO’s in SIM and the benefits of networking, even though they are now busy with their next challenge. 

5.  How can a chapter member get involved in the Chicago chapter?  
A member can get involved with one of our many committees in the Chapter.  They only need to contact our President or any Board member and say they would like to get involved.  We have many opportunities for them!  

Read the entire article HERE.



Scary statistic!  

“Survey participants estimated that the typical organization loses 5% of revenues each year to fraud.  If applied to the 2013 estimated Gross World Product, this translates to a potentialprojected global fraud loss of nearly $3.7 trillion.”  - from the 2014 Global Fraud Study on Occupational Fraud, produced by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.


Frank Abagnale, our opening keynote speaker at SIMposium 2015 in Charlotte, knows a thing or two about fraud.  In addition to his keynote address, he is conducting a Fraud seminar during one of the breakout sessions.  A frightening topic for this Halloween season! 

If you have not yet registered for SIMposium 2015, do so today.  If you are already registered, send this to a friend or colleague.

Looking forward to seeing you in Charlotte!


‘Strategic Dialogues’ Integral To SIM’s New Executive RLF 
Six-Months of Connecting with Industry Experts Will Build Leaders’ Executive Capacities

From ethics and storytelling to building culture and “earning a seat at the table,” participants in the 2016 Executive RLF will connect with more than a dozen nationally-recognized industry experts in a wide range of Strategic Dialogues over the course of the six-month program.  This new SIM option for senior leaders will feature at least three Strategic Dialogue opportunities per session as an integral component of a highly-experiential curriculum focused on enhancing capabilities at the executive level.

The 2016 Executive RLF has evolved from last year’s inaugural Graduate RLF program, and is designed and led by CIO Hall of Fame member Darwin John, prominent RLF facilitator Bart Bolton and strategic change consultant / executive coach Mary Jo Greil.  John is one of the leaders who created the RLF program more than two decades ago. 

“We have taken the time-tested, successful synergies of SIM’s famous RLF program and created an even more intense and interactive experience for top talent already at the senior level,” said John.   Read more...

Results of the 2015 SIM Chapter Leaders of the Year Award

The SIM Leader of the Year Award recognizes members who contributed to the growth, advancement, and excellence of SIM at the chapter level. This year, four recipients were chosen by a panel of six judges and will be formally recognized at SIMposium in Charlotte.

We are grateful to all 19 nominees who individually and collectively exemplify a commitment to building their local communities and living SIM’s brand “where IT leaders connect.   We also want to thank the six judges representing a cross section of the country: Jack Barsky, Albany; Deborah DeCorrevont, Arizona; Molly Mahoney, Central Florida; Keri Pearlson, Austin; Steve Pickett, Detroit; and Bob Rouse, St. Louis. (Judges did not score a candidate from their home chapter).

Given the record number and the strength of the nominees, the judges felt it especially difficult to choose the award recipients, but in a carefully governed and objective scoring process, four finalists stood out. This year’s SIM Chapter Leaders of the Year are:

  • Doug Gabel, New Jersey
  • Mark Griesbaum, Chicago
  • Pat Randall, Boston
  • Jeff Stovall, Charlotte Region

Each winner will be honored at SIMposium on Monday, November 2nd.  In addition, each of the four winners will be highlighted in SIM’s Leadership Spotlight over the next few months, starting with Mark Griesbaum


Congratulations to the 2015 SIM Chapter Leaders of the Year!

Here’s What Keeps IT Leaders Up at Night

The most important IT management issues of organizations has been a central component of the SIM IT Trends Study since its inception in 1980.  In 2013 the study began asking which issues were also personally most worrisome (i.e., they “keep you up at night”).  This year participants were asked to select up to five IT management issues in each category.  The figure below presents the personally most worrisome issues in a word cloud in which size represents how frequently an issue was selected by 785 of your fellow SIM members.

This year’s top 10 items are fairly balanced between IT and business concerns.  This suggests that while operational IT issues remain personally important to IT leadership, there is also significant concern about the role IT plays in supporting the operational and strategic objectives of the organization.  Read more...


RLF – An Investment with Lifelong Dividends

Kirk Halliday is a Senior Manager, Enterprise Systems Management for Grant Thornton LLP. He is also a 2009 graduate of SIM’s Midwest Regional Leadership (RLF) program. He recently posted this “Flashback to Leadership” on Linked In where he describes the critical importance of strong leadership and shares many personal insights from RLF books, guest speakers, facilitators, and fellow participants. He also made clear the huge impact the RLF program had for him. He unequivocally stated that he “participated in a leadership program that would forever change my life.  Many talk about game-changer experiences, and for me this was one of them.”  With such a strong statement, we wanted to find out more so we talked to him.

Kirk explained that the time and effort invested in RLF was well worth it. He certainly learned a lot about leadership in a business context, but he got so much more out of the program. He shared personal and professional experiences with his classmates and developed what he called “lifelong friendships” and a network that he uses to this day for evaluating ideas, getting suggestions, helping solve problems, etc.  In short, he still uses his RLF experience almost on a daily basis. Read more...


SIM-MISQE Workshop on Digital Data Streams: Free to SIM members!


The Society for Information Management and the MIS Quarterly Executive, a practitioner-oriented research journal sponsored by SIM, are sponsoring a workshop on the “Business and Organizational Impact of Digital Data Streams.”  All SIM members are invited to attend this special event at no charge.

The workshop is being held in conjunction with the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS), the world’s most prestigious IS academic conference.  ICIS 2015 is co-chaired this year by SIM academic members Dorothy Leidner (Baylor) and Jeanne Ross (MIT).  Read more...







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