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SIM New Extra - June 2016



June 2016

In This Issue
Leadership Spotlight: Cybersecurity SIG, Caren Shiozaki
IT Trends Study Will Close in One Week 
SIMposium 2016 – Kick off Your Shoes and Join us in Margaritaville
Who is the most vital member in your SIM chapter?
One Size Does NOT Fit All! 
Ecosystem Leadership at September Advanced Practices Council Meeting
‘Storytelling’ A Core Competency For 21st Century Leaders

Leadership Spotlight: Cybersecurity SIG, Caren Shiozaki

1. What is your background in cybersecurity?Most of my professional life has been in Financial Services.  Given the nature of the industry, how highly it is regulated, and the importance of maintaining customer trust and confidence - there's always been a concern about security. The industry's concern has multiplied as the digital environment has evolved. Read more…

2. Why did SIM decide to start the Cybersecurity SIG?
Another hat that I wear is Vice Chair of the SIM National Board.  We are always looking at ways to bring added value to our members.  One way in which to do this is by expanding our core offerings of programs.  Read more…

3. How will it be structured?
We plan to host bimonthly meetings for our SIG members, and we have a number of great webinars and speakers lined up for the remainder of 2016.  In fact, our inaugural webinar (“Personal Privacy or National Security: Can We Have Both?”) is just a few weeks away, on Tuesday, June 21st (12:00 PST, 3:00 EST).  Read more…

4. What benefits would a member get from joining the cybersecurity SIG? 
I know there are a number of groups focused on cybersecurity.  But many of these require fairly high membership fees, or are associated with a subscription to a research and advisory service – which not everyone can afford.  It’s for that reason that we are dedicated to building and sustaining a group that gives you access to high quality, relevant, and actionable discussions, information assets, and networks, all as part of your existing SIM membership.

5. What does a member need to do to join?
Simply visit our pages on simnet (HERE) and sign up!  Remember, you cannot attend the web conferences and access our information and tools unless you're a registered member of the Cybersecurity SIG.

Read the entire article HERE.

IT Trends Study Will Close in One Week!
SIM’s 37th Anniversary Study closes June 17th @ midnight PST!

Only 16.79% of SIM members have completed the questionnaire so far, compared to 24.7% last year!  Your generosity with 15 to 30 minutes of your time will help ensure the success of this valuable SIM program.  Access the questionnaire HERE (login required) or via the personal link emailed to each SIM member.

Participate and win!  All SIM members who complete the questionnaire receive a personalized report comparing their answers to the overall results and are entered into a drawing to win one of thirty-seven (37) $250 gift cards.  Participation also helps your chapter compete for its share of $22,000 in cash prizes in the IT Trends Chapter Challenge Contest.  Read more…


SIMposium 2016 – Kick off Your Shoes and Join us in Margaritaville
Join us in a little slice of paradise this October at the Monday Night Event, SIMposium’s popular reception! This year’s beautiful setting will be Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville, conveniently located in the Mohegan Sun Resort, on Monday, Oct. 24, from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m.

Join hundreds of your fellow SIM
posium attendees for a fun-filled island adventure at Margaritaville. The Monday Night Reception is sponsored by Pfizer and will include live entertainment, drinks and food. 

Click here
 for more information about the Monday Night Event, along with all of the other exciting events that will be at SIMposium 2016!

If you can answer that question, then you should nominate him or her for the SIM Leader of the Year Award. The award provides a means for SIM to recognize member contributions to the growth, advancement, and excellence of SIM at the local level.  Don't let good work go unrewarded. Go HERE to nominate. 

Announcing the 2016 STEM Awards 
"Filling the IT Pipeline" is a top priority for the Technology Industry. SIM wants to honor those individuals, chapters and corporations who have made significant contributions to advancing and promoting STEM Careers. The first Annual STEM Awards winners will be recognized at this year's 2016 SIMposium. The nomination process will be open soon so watch for additional information to help us recognize the leaders in STEM initiatives. 

One Size Does NOT Fit All! How Each Leader Can Leverage Her Own Unique Executive Presence – Facilitated by Suzanne Bates, CEO, Bates Communications

As women move forward in their careers, the discussion often defaults to their executive presence. Interestingly, executive presence has remained a mysterious “X Factor” – we know it’s important, but what is it? More importantly, how do women in leadership leverage it to make an impact and drive outcomes? Through extensive research, Suzanne Bates and her team have cracked the code on executive presence and redefined it in a way that levels the playing field for women leaders. As highlighted in the new book, All the Leader You Can Be: The Science of Achieving Extraordinary Executive Presence (McGraw Hill), they take presence beyond executive image and presentation skill, to identify the specific qualities of leadership that enable both men and women to align, inspire and move people to act.  Suzanne’s energizing and interactive keynote program will bust the conventional wisdom that women’s leadership development can be done with a “one size fits all” approach.. She’ll reveal the data and research, gathered through her firm’s assessment of hundreds of leaders, that suggests:

  • How executive presence goes beyond surface qualities to encompass your Character, Substance, and Style
  • The 15 facets of executive presence within these dimensions, such as Authenticity, Restraint, Practical Wisdom, Resonance, and Intentionality, that are proven to help you engage and motivate others
  • How to leverage your unique strengths in each to make a bigger impact and drive business outcomes
  • Why leadership development for women needs to go beyond the common buckets of "confidence," "style," and "assertiveness"

Register HERE today. 

Ecosystem Leadership at September Advanced Practices Council Meeting
"I get by with a little help from my friends." The Beatles were correct. Organizations succeed by taking part in ecosystems that complement and supplement them. Michael Barrett of the University of Cambridge will share his latest research on how to take leadership roles in ecosystems that will assure your firm a competitive advantage at the September 14-15 Advanced Practices Council meeting ( in Philadelphia. Madeline Weiss, Advanced Practices Council Director, invites all interested senior IT executives to come as guests. You can reach her at

‘Storytelling’ A Core Competency For 21st Century Leaders
Enhancing senior leaders’ effectiveness in communicating is a distinctive component of SIM’s 2016 Executive RLF program.   

The days of executives giving lengthy speeches, statements and interviews filled with dry statistics and routine “company-speak” have yielded to a new reality.  In today’s fast-paced sound bite world, senior leaders are expected to be able to quickly paint a visual picture with their words – telling a story that effectively conveys key messages and connects with various 21
st century audiences.  That’s why “storytelling” is one of the core competencies of SIM’s 2016 Executive RLF program, currently underway with 20 senior leader participants from across the nation.

“It is important at the executive level to possess the skills to cut through the clutter of messages that bombard employee teams, the organization and customers,” says Darwin John, one of the three 2016 Executive RLF facilitators.  “And it begins with learning how to develop more powerful messaging and becoming proficient in sharing crisp, effective stories that synthesize complicated messages and set the organization’s goals into a real world context.”  Read more...




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