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May 2014

Leadership Spotlight: Arizona Chapter President Deborah DeCorrevont

1. Please provide a brief overview of the Arizona chapter.

The SIM AZ chapter is a very evolving chapter that has grown from 25-30 members three years ago up to almost 80 members. Our members are becoming more engaged in chapter activities and are very inclusive of all IT leaders in the valley. read more...


2. What are your goals for your term as the President of the Arizona chapter?

We utilized the Strategy on a Page from SIMto identify and prioritize our 2014 goals. Our active goals are:

  • Appoint an Engagement Committee consisting of members and chaired by a board member to create a plan, leveraging SIMI resources, for increased member activity in chapter involvement and community outreach.
  • Organize and implement two membership drives for 2014
  • Re-evaluate chapter board of director roles and responsibilities
  • Redesign, clarify and publish the chapter membership categories
  • Create a comprehensive and actionable chapter marketing plan
  • Re-evaluate the need for a chapter management system for increased membership engagement

3. What are the hottest trends in the IT industry?

  • Realization of the cloud benefits through a balance of security, cost savings and responsiveness
  • 3D Printing
  • Mobile technology continued - an office is anywhere
  • STEM Outreach to future leaders

4. What challenges is your chapter currently facing?

  • Growth pains moving from a small to medium-sized chapter
  • Member engagement - understanding the next steps
  • How to do more to strengthen our local IT community

5. What is the one piece of advice you will give to the next President of the Arizona chapter?

Providing value to our members and our community around information technology is key to strengthening our chapter. Our strategy should focus on these goals.


To read the full interview, click HERE.

Nominate a fellow SIM member for Leader of the Year!
SIM is pleased to request your chapter's participation in the 2014 SIM Leader of the Year Award program. This award recognizes members who contributed to the growth, advancement and excellence of SIM at the local, national or international levels. If your chapter selects a Chapter Member of the Year, you can nominate the same person for the 2014 SIM Leader of the Year!

The deadline to submit a nomination is August 15, and we hope to have at least one nomination from every SIM Chapter! We thank you in advance for your kind dedication, leadership and teamwork to help ensure that we and you can recognize your strongest SIM contributor(s) within the last 12 months.
* Click HERE to download the guidelines.
* Click HERE to complete the nomination form online.
* Click HERE to download the nomination form.Downloaded nomination forms must be returned to Vincenzo Nelli.

SIMposium2014 - Technology Changes Everything!
Our lives are so much easier now, aren't they? Technology has given us the means to:
  • Pay bills with our phones
  • Remain "connected" 24/7
  • Find a date without leaving the house
What about our professional lives? We have access to an unlimited amount of data (often too much), we can work from anywhere, and we don't have to delete any of our old files or emails anymore!

But these technological leaps can come with hidden challenges, too. How do we manage our jobs and careers when our training and experience seem so outdated? Till now, we've learned to develop mid and long-range plans, then systematically execute those plans. It was all very orderly, ticking off the specific tasks associated with each phase.

Ahhhhh, those were the boring (good old) days.

Now, we need to be nimble, agile, and ready for anything. Of course, we cannot forget about the goals and objectives of our companies, but the methods we must employ to achieve them have changed.

The SIM Colorado chapter has assembled an impressive lineup of modern innovators whose ideas will inspire the rest of us to embrace these changes and make them work for us:

APC: Download the Latest APC Research Report


Many organizations aspire to become more globally efficient by enhancing economies of scale and scope, and improving the sharing of knowledge and best practices across the enterprise. Yet, the journey they take to reach these goals presents many challenges. Organizational systems, processes, and IT need to be standardized and rationalized, which can lead to significant disruption. Successfully navigating this disruption may lead to greater global efficiency, but this, too, may come at the cost of local flexibility. The Advanced Practices Council report, "Anchored Agility: How to Effectively Manage the Balance between Local Flexibility and Global Efficiency," describes how organizations can simultaneously balance responsiveness at the local level with efficiency and control at the global level. The optimal configuration of IT-enabled processes and systems plays a key role in this journey.

The report draws on successes and failures at twelve large global organizations as they navigate the journey from relatively siloed structures to what the authors refer to as anchored agility - balancing local flexibility with global efficiency. The researchers capture the lessons in five guiding principles:


  1. Start with processes before moving to data and then IT
  2. Implement and strategy of smart piloting
  3. Ensure top management support: from push to pull
  4. Institute strong and robust governance
  5. Sequence functionally from back to front office.
SIM members can download the report forFREEfrom SIM's Online Store.While there, check out other reports released by the APC.

Only One Week Left to Have Your Voice Heard in SIM'sIT Trends Study
SIM's 35th Anniversary IT Trends Study is our organization's opportunity to speak for our industry. Together we can show the wealth of experience and expertise in SIM and make a statement about the direction of IT, and the top roles, investments, priorities, and concerns of our profession. As of May 4th, 471 SIM members have responded - A big "THANK YOU" to you all! But with only a week or so to go that's nearly 30% behind last year's 650. It's also less than half way to our goal of at least 1,000 completed questionnaires, which is only about 20% of SIM members. Bottom line, we need many more of our fellow SIM members to take part too.

You only have until May 15th to respond to this year's survey. The seven chapters listed below are all above the 15% response rate. But overall, less than 10% of SIM members have responded so far. Don't miss your chance to win great individual prizes and to help your chapter win funding for its STEM and scholarship programs. Check your e-mail for a personal link to the questionnaire and help SIM be the voice of IT leadership.
Current Chapter Challenge Standings
  1. Dallas Fort Worth 18.66%
  2. Wisconsin 17.11%
  3. Florida 16.84%
  4. Arizona 16.67%
  5. Minnesota 16.67%
  6. Las Vegas 15.15%
  7. San Diego 15.12%
For more details please visit

SIM RLF Facilitator Discusses Importance of Emotional Intelligence on CIO Talk Radio
2014 SIM RLF Logo
Since Daniel Goleman published his best-selling book Emotional Intelligence - Why it can matter more than IQ in 1995, emotional intelligence (EI) has been a keen topic for leadership study. While a popular topic, EI is not always a top priority in IT and other technical areas - and we may be missing a big opportunity. In a recent interview on CIO Talk Radio; Scot Berkey, Midwest SIM Regional Leadership Forum Facilitator and President of the SIM Chicago Chapter, tells us why EI is so important from both an individual and team perspective - and why it has been part of SIM's RLF program as a core part of its curriculum.

Emotional Intelligence is generally accepted to mean the ability to identify, assess, and regulate one's own emotions as well as those of others and of teams or groups. While many IT leaders are more comfortable dealing with more traditional aspect of intelligence and developing their technical chops, SIM's RLF program has focused on EI and its related topic of social intelligence, particularly as they relate to team building and team effectiveness, as a fundamental part of the program. Scot's CIO Talk Radio interview covers many facets of EI, including:
  • A person's EI is built on their self-awareness, self-assessment, and self-regulationThe strongest leaders demonstrate strong EI
  • The leader's behavior doesn't necessarily trickle down since EI is less of an expectation in a leader's team
  • How can a leader instill a culture of "social competence" - greater EI - so that the team can strengthen communication, avoid conflict, and engage in healthy support and collaboration?
  • How can we make EI part of the "DNA" of our organizations?
Throughout the interview, Scot calls upon his personal experience as well as his RLF leadership development experience, to discuss the foundational elements of emotional intelligence such as trust and compassion and relationships, obstacles that can make it difficult to develop those critical characteristics, the opportunity costs of NOT developing EI in our leaders and teams, and the long-term - really life-long - process that is required to achieve real EI.

You can listen to the entire interview HERE.

SIM Suggested Readings
There are currently 15 books authored by SIM members on ourSuggested Reading List.Help us add to the list by letting us know if you have authored a book.If you authored a book and would like to share it with your fellow SIM members, please complete the online formHERE.