June 2015

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Leadership Spotlight: SIM Indianapolis Chapter, Geoff Endris
SIM Trends: Only 3 Days Left To Participate
Cyber Security - We Must Work Together
We are still accepting nominations for SIM Leader of the Year
Why IRS breach is bigger than you think: Frank Abagnale
RLF Registration Opens in July – Invest in Leadership Excellence
Did You Know: About the Members In Transition Helping Hands Program?

Leadership Spotlight: SIM Indianapolis Chapter, Geoff Endris

1.Please provide an overview of the SIM Indianapolis chapter.
The SIM Indy chapter has just under 100 members.We hold 4 regularly scheduled events per year.These are dinner meetings that offer members a chance to network with their peers and keep relationships current. read more...

2.What are your goals for your term as the President of the SIM Indianapolis chapter?
My goals for 2015 are as follows:

  • Implement a mentorship program where our CIOs mentor the current IT managers to be the next generation of CIOs, the IT Managers mentor college students and high school students to enter IT and get IT jobs here in Indianapolis. read more…

3. What are the hottest trends in the IT industry?

  • Security – threat assessment and incident response
  • Dev Ops
  • Integrating Agile into the Dev Ops process

4. What challenges is your chapter currently facing?
Our members are constantly balancing work and family commitments.Our biggest challenge is demonstrating relevance in our members’ professional life to get them to commit a portion of their already overbooked life to spend time with their peers. read more…

5. What is the one piece of advice you will give the next President of the SIM Indianapolis chapter?
Find out how the large chapters got that way.Help the smaller chapters by passing along best practices.Help connect smaller chapters to larger chapters to share ideas.Provide guidance in the form of pre-packaged programs and initiatives.

Read the entire article HERE.

SIM Trends: Only 3 Days Left to Participate!
SIM’s 36th Anniversary IT Trends Study is scheduled to close on June 14th at 4:00 PM central time! Have you completed the questionnaire yet? Your chapter needs you to participate!

Complete the questionnaire and you will (1) receive a personalized, confidential benchmarks report worth several thousand dollars comparing your responses to those of other SIM members, (2) be entered into a drawing for one of 36 $250 gift cards (AmEx), and (3) help your chapter compete for its share of $16,000 in cash prizes (and bragging rights) in the Chapter Challenge Contest.

Participation is easier than ever: Access the questionnaire using the personal link sent to you by email or by accessing the general-purpose link on SIMnet.org (login required). Look for the banner on the SIMnet homepage. Contact SIM HQ at sim@simnet.org if you need assistance with your SIMnet.org credentials. read more...

Cyber Security – We Must Work Together

SIM's Advanced Practices Council (APC) has taken the lead on advocating for an open approach to cyber security. The APC formed the Coalition for Open Security on behalf of SIM to help all organizations defend against cyber threats. We believe this should be an industry-led approach, with government assisting in providing the space in which we can safely collaborate.

As stated in its position statement, the Coalition's mission is to increase the availability of consumable, actionable information to reduce cyber risk by pooling our individual resources to build a more proactive, collaborative response to the threats of bad cyber actors and to use evidence, real time data streams, and predictive analytics to better anticipate threats and attacks. To make open sharing viable, we need legislation to protect organizations from prosecution and law suits if they share cyber threats or attacks. The Coalition, along with its knowledgeable and experienced advisors, have already started the process of sharing these ideas with high-level folks in D.C.

We Are Still Accepting Nominations for SIM Leader of the Year
SIM is pleased to request your participation in the 2015 SIM Leader of the Year Award program. This award recognizes members who contributed to the growth, advancement and excellence of SIM at the chapter level. If you know of a chapter member who went above and beyond to further their chapter, we encourage to nominate the individual.If your chapter selects a Chapter Member of the Year, you can nominate the same person for the 2015 SIM Leader of the Year!

The deadline to submit a nomination is August 3,and we hope to have at least one nomination from every SIM Chapter! The Leader of the Year award winner(s) will be honored at SIMposium 2015 and receive a complimentary registration. We thank you in advance for your kind dedication, leadership and teamwork to help ensure that we can recognize your strongest SIM contributor(s) within the last 12 months.

  • Click HERE to view the Leader of the Year guidelines
  • Click HERE nominate an outstanding chapter member.

If you would like to learn more about the Leader of the Year award program, please contract Vincenzo Nelli.

Why IRS breach is bigger than you think: Frank Abagnale

“When you’re dealing with corporate fraud, you’re dealing in the millions [of dollars]; when you’re dealing with government fraud, you’re dealing in the billions.The criminal knows this is where the money is,” said Abagnale on CNBC's Squawk Box.

On Monday, June 1st, Fred Imbert (CNBC) interviewed our opening keynote speaker, Frank Abagnale, after the IRS confirmed a major security breach.

It’s hard to imagine what Frank Abagnale, criminal-turned-security-expert, could have done with access to today’s technology.In his criminal days, Frank only had ‘primitive’ tools – like pens, paper, printers, razor blades, and glue.Even so, he was able to assume multiple false identities and escape capture for many years.

DON'T MISS SIMposium's Opening Keynote Speaker, Frank Abagnale!

Frank will also give a Fraud Protection Seminar at SIMposium this year...learn what you need to know to protect yourself and your company at SIMposium 2015 in Charlotte! read more...

RLF Registration Opens in July – Invest in Leadership Excellence
We live in a world of ever accelerating change. Economic conditions have created unprecedented challenges. Competition is fierce and unrelenting. Employees and their families live under a cloud of great uncertainty, creating stress and fear in the workplace. And of course, all are being asked to do more with less.

Organizations with effective leadership capabilities operate at an extraordinary level. They are more apt to solve the problems facing business today, as well as become significantly more effective in strategic thinking and tactical execution. After all, it’s all about leading people.

For almost 25 years, theRegional Leadership Forumhas been developing business and technology leaders.
Since 1992 over 4000 graduates and more than 300 sponsors have found RLF to bethe key to enhancing leadership effectiveness. Participants come out of the program with:

  • Increased self-awareness and self- confidence
  • An enhanced ability to connect with others in a genuine, inspiring way
  • A unique understanding of their personal leadership style
  • A clearer vision of their future and how to make it happen
  • Stronger, values-based strategic leadership

Registration for the 2016 SIM RLF program will open in late July.This is your opportunity to invest in your current and future leaders.

Leadership Development: Now More Than Ever.

If you would like more information about the RLF, please see the 
RLF website or contact SIM Program Manager, Vincenzo Nelli.

Did You Know: About the Members In Transition Helping Hands Program?
Are you looking for part-time work or contract work for a new project or to complete a project with a looming deadline? If so, keep reading! The Members In Transition (MIT) Helping Hands Program can help. Helping Hands is a list of SIM members currently transitioning between jobs that have the time and expertise to help you complete your goals. Click HERE to view the Helping Hands roster and HERE to learn more about the MIT program.

If you are member currently transitioning between jobs and would like to include yourself to the Helping Hands roster follow these simple instructions:
  • Log into your SIMnet.org account
  • Populate the "Helping Hands" text box in your profile
  • Don't forget to add yourLinkedIn URL in the designated area.