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January 2014
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Renew your SIM Membership Now!

Renewal season is upon us. Here are some important reminders:

All members have a 90 grace period from Jan. 1 - March 31 in which to renew their membership without penalty.  
Everyone has access to for the duration of the renewal grace period.  Chapters have until March 31 to send all dues and membership rosters into Headquarters for processing. Chapters should preferably send dues and reports in monthly or more often. Please do not hold renewals until the end of March.   If anyone has questions or needs assistance, please contact Heather Blush at SIM HQ, or 856.380.6873. 


Leadership Spotlight: Reconnecting with Colorado Chapter President, Mark Buttice

1. Please provide an example of a program that is unique to the Colorado chapter?
In 2013, we hosted a new program called "SIM Tank" which was our best attended event. We created an exciting experience by bridging the local entrepreneurial community with SIM by bringing Colorado's most promising Technology start-up companies, the top Venture Capitalists and the top Colorado CIO's together. Read more... 

2. Congratulations on being selected the host chapter of SIMposium 2014. I know it's early, but what can SIMposium 2014 attendees expect at the conference? How will SIMposium benefit the Colorado chapter? 
Colorado SIM has experienced amazing local engagement and anticipation around SIMposium 2014 with around 40 individuals already involved in preparations. We will present a fresh, innovative and collaborative experience reflective of our Denver technology community. Read more...

3. Has your membership increased or decreased since you were featured in the December 2012 Leadership Spotlight? Why?
Over the last 3 years, we have seen steady growth from around 40 registered members to 160 members.  Read more.. 

4. As the President of the Colorado Chapter, what do you view as the most valuable benefit of a SIM Colorado chapter membership? 
Collaboration, the opportunity to develop relationships and share information with peers. Beyond that, promoting technology and keeping it relevant in the Denver community.  Read more...

5. What were key takeaways for you from SIMposium 2013?
Boston is an inspiring destination and I took full advantage of its rich history. I always look forward to the inspiration provided by the key note speakers and SIMposium 2013 did not disappoint.  Read more...

6. What is the biggest challenge you face in your profession and how do you overcome it? 
I believe most would agree, it is not understanding or selecting the best technology for any particular opportunity. The biggest challenge is developing and fostering strong relationships within our industry which demonstrates for me, why SIM is so important.


To read the full interview, click HERE.  

Flourish and Grow with the RLF

I was watching an episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, titled "Follow the Leader" with my son and was caught off guard with the episode's focus on leadership.  In this episode, Leonardo (the assumed leader of the Turtles, who are all brothers) was seeking guidance from their Master because his brothers did not respect him as a leader.  Master Splinter's response was  "A true leader does not impose his will on others, but helps followers flourish, grow."  


Flourish and Grow.  If you ask any RLF graduate if they have flourished and/or grown as a result of their participation in the program, they would probably all agree.  SIM's Regional Leadership Forum helps individuals develop their own authentic leadership style.  As a result, they flourish and grow in both the workplace at at home.  


Don't miss out on the opportunity for your or your team members to flourish and grow in 2014. Register now!



Vincenzo Nelli

SIM Program Manager

2014 RLF
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Download the Latest APC Research Reports

APCAs a member of SIM you can download the following Advanced Practices Council (APC) research reports from SIM's Online Store at no cost:

  • Delivering Effective Enterprise Architecture at Chubb Insurance
  • Harvesting External Data: The Potential of Digital Data Streams
  • How Do CIOs Measure and Communicate IT Performance? 
  • Corporate Social Networking
  • IT Governance and Control: Making Sense of Standards, Guidelines and Frameworks
  • Wisdom of Clouds 
APC members select the topics and sponsor the research described in these reports. To learn more about the APC and its 2014 research initiatives, please click HERE

Calling All SIM Authors
Have you authored a book?  If so, the Society for Information Management is creating a SIM book list and would like to know.  The list will contain suggested readings from SIM authors as well as the Regional Leadership Forum book list.  

If you authored a book and would like to share it with your fellow SIM members, please complete the online form HERE.