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February 2014
In This Issue
Longtime SIM Supporter and Member Michael Brooks Passed Away
Longtime SIM supporter and member Michael Brooks passed away after a five month battle with cancer. 

Michael will be long remembered by his many friends in Boston SIM and other SIM chapters. He served SIM in many capacities including President Boston SIM, Membership Chair Boston SIM, Trustee Boston SIM, Co-Chair SIMposium 2013, and SIM Management Council. Michael is one of the main reasons for the Boston SIM chapter growth. His leadership helped make SIMposium 2013 in Boston one of the best ever. He was a strong supporter of Year-up and other outreach programs.

Michael's greatest accomplishments were in the relationships he established with others across SIM. He was a friend, a coach and a mentor to many. He brought enthusiasm, laughter, love, dedication, persistence and sincerity to the entire SIM community.

The family asks gifts in memory of Michael be made to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.
Leadership Spotlight: SIM Chicago Chapter President, Scot Berkey

1. Please provide a brief overview of the SIM Chicago chapter? 

SIM Chicago was incorporated in the late 1970's as one of the first local SIM Chapters. With over 300 members, SIM Chicago hosts a variety of open and closed programs including CIO-only events, member-only events in downtown Chicago, as well as the surrounding suburbs, large-scale Gala events open to the public, the largest CIO-focused charity golf outing in Chicagoland, and social mixers to help individuals connect outside the paradigm of a formally structured events.  Read more..


2. What are your goals for your term as the President of the SIM Chicago chapter?    

During the past several years, SIM Chicago has greatly expended both its program offerings and its membership.  During the next two years, SIM Chicago will: 

  • continue to retain and grow its membership
  • become more visible to the general public by more outward facing marketing activities
  • institute additional charity programs first focusing on STEM-related scholarships
  • continue to refine and expand our annual program of events to best serve the Chicagoland technology community.  

3. How has your role as an RLF Facilitator helped you in your role of Chapter President?Why would you encourage someone to register for the program?  

Over a decade ago I completed the RLF program and since that time have been involved with facilitation.  The RLF program focuses on creating Authentic Leaders and true power/leadership vs positional power: a focus on the human factors of leadership.  Read more...


4.  What challenges is your chapter currently facing?  

Growth and continued excellence are our primary challenges.  SIM Chicago has seen significant growth in the past 6 years in every way.  Our challenge now is to put in the appropriate operational infrastructure not only to support the exiting growth of the chapter but also to prepare for the continued growth which we expect to achieve.  Read more...


5. What is one piece of advice you will give the next President of the SIM Chicago chapter? 

Know yourself, and surround yourself with people better than you.   A chapter our size is not run by a single or small set of people: it is run my many people working together, coordinating with each other, both regular and Board members, to achieve common goals.  Read more..


To read the full interview, click HERE.

Have You Renewed Your SIM Membership for 2014?

The clock is ticking... the renewal grace period ends on March 31, 2014.  If you haven't renewed your SIM membership, please do so today.  


You don't want to miss out on SIM's year-round benefits, including:

  • Networking: SIMposium 2014 (November 2-4, 2014 in Denver, CO); roundtables and seminars
  • Knowledge Sharing: Advanced Practices Council (APC) research; Working Group deliverables
  • SIM Connect; SIM News Extra; Webcasts and
  • Education: Access to SIM Regional LEadership Forum, providing, industry-specific training for future IT leaders
  • Advocacy: The collaborative "voice" of SIM on issues such as cyberspace security and software licensing
  • Industry Leadership: Access to peers who understand and manage similar challenges and issues.  
Click HERE to learn how to renew your membership.   
RLF's Impact on Our Lives and the Community

RLF Facilitator, Corky Valenti, recently attended a SIM Fairfield-Westchester chapter meeting to describe SIM's Regional Leadership Forum and the value that it provides to both participants and sponsoring organizations. Like many SIM chapter meetings, the main value in such events occurs during "networking" time. After dinner, as the meeting was winding down, Corky spoke with a 2007 NYM RLF grad. Corky happened to graduate from RLF the same the same year, but from a different forum. However, the common bonds developed in RLF endure across forum boundaries and time, so networking was easy! 

The NYM grad shared an RLF perspective that is perhaps unexpected, but striking and powerful. You see, he lives in Newtown, CT, and the events at Sandy Hook in December 2012 are still vivid in his memory. He shared with Corky that, along with so much of the community, he was terribly shaken by that tragedy and shared a common sense of horror and loss. However, he felt that the skills, capabilities, capacities, and insights that he had gained from RLF helped him personally navigate that time. Not only that, his RLF experience also helped him reach out to others to listen, comfort, and guide. It prompted him to cofound a non-profit organization called Sandy Hook Promise based on, among other things, many values shared with RLF:

" ... promoting self-reflection and understanding how it is we want to live our lives, for me or we? Bringing awareness to how we relate, interact and treat each other in our own families, how we treat each other within our communities and lastly between our communities. "

Such testimonials about RLF's impact beyond "just" enhancing participants' careers are not at all unusual.

There is still time to register for select RLF forums. Click HERE to register.


2014 RLF
Click on the banner to register for the 2014 RLF program
Advanced Practices Council Releases Report on Balancing Local Flexibility with Global Agility

APCMany organizations aspire to become more globally efficient by enhancing economies of scale and scope, and improving the sharing of knowledge and best practices across the enterprise. Yet, the journey they take to reach these goals presents many challenges. Organizational systems, processes, and IT need to be standardized and rationalized, which can lead to significant disruption. Successfully navigating this disruption may lead to greater global efficiency, but this, too, may come at the cost of local flexibility. The Advanced Practices Council report, "Anchored Agility: How to Effectively Manage the Balance between Local Flexibility and Global Efficiency," describes how organizations can simultaneously balance responsiveness at the local level with efficiency and control at the global level. The optimal configuration of IT-enabled processes and systems plays a key role in this journey. 

The report draws on successes and failures at twelve large global organizations as they navigate the journey from relatively siloed structures to what the authors refer to as anchored agility - balancing local flexibility with global efficiency. The researchers capture the lessons in five guiding principles:


  1. Start with processes before moving to data and then IT
  2. Implement and strategy of smart piloting
  3. Ensure top management support: from push to pull
  4. Institute strong and robust governance
  5. Sequence functionally from back to front office.
SIM members can download the report for FREE from SIM's Online Store.  While there, check out other reports released by the APC.  
Help Us Help You: Complete the SIM Member Survey
SIM is continually aiming to provide excellent services and products for our Chapters and members. The member survey is designed to obtain your feedback regarding how we can improve upon our mission of serving the chapters and members, and has been reopened in order to improve the response ratio.

Input from members has a direct influence on our initiatives and our investment plans, so your feedback is very important. Your guidance is critical to helping us move in the right direction.

Link to the survey:

(Note: This survey is for members only, and you must be signed in to take the survey. If you've already taken it, you will not be able to take it again.)
SIMposium 2014 Early Bird Rate
Plan on attending SIMposium2014? Pre-register now at the early bird rate of $595 and save money!
More information at Early bird rate is available only for a limited time.
Membership Number Announcement

The 2013 membership numbers have been crunched, scrubbed up and reported . . .

SIM is very pleased to announce that we closed the year with 4,353 members. This is a 6% increase over the 4,100 members of 2012. Congratulations and thank you to our entire cadre of chapter leaders for their dedication and hard work. An untold number of hours were logged by these volunteers to bring you outstanding programs and activities at the chapter level and to give you an opportunity to maximize your professional network and make a few friends along the way.

SIM continues to be the premier place for IT sharing in North America. 2013 was a terrific year, we are gaining momentum as an organization, and we are poised for an outstanding 2014.

Calling All SIM Authors
Have you authored a book?  If so, the Society for Information Management is creating a SIM book list and would like to know.  The list will contain suggested readings from SIM authors as well as the Regional Leadership Forum book list.  

If you authored a book and would like to share it with your fellow SIM members, please complete the online form HERE.