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April 2014
In This Issue

SIM Volunteers:  THANK YOU! 

In recognition of National Volunteer Week, we at SIM Headquarters wanted to take the time and thank our national volunteers and chapter volunteers for all that you do for SIM. Our volunteers are one of our greatest assets and you contribute directly to the success of our organization.


Thank you again for everything you do - this week and all year round!

Leadership Spotlight: SIM New Jersey Chapter President, Rich Cigna

1. Please provide a brief overview of the SIMNJ chapter.  

The SIM NJ chapter was established 20+ years ago.  Currently, we have over 325 members and are the second largest SIM Chapter. Our service offerings include:  read more...

2. What are your goals for your term as the President of the SIMNJ chapter?

My goals as President are to:

  • continue the trend of 10 consecutive years of successful chapter leadership
  • offer an array of services and programs that continue to build relationships and enrich our membership experience and are relevant to today's CIO and IT leadership roles 
  • read more...   

3. What are the hottest trends in the IT industry? 

Mobility, Cloud, Big Data, Open Source, Security, and Continued Outsourcing are all hot trends in the industry.  read more... 


4. What challenges is your chapter currently facing? 

Even with almost 25 to 30% of our membership involved in committees, we are continually challenged by the management issues posed by the typical time constraints of a volunteer organization.  


5. What is the one piece of advice you will give to the next President of the SIMNJ chapter?  

  1. further crystallize the cause of creating a longer term strategy
  2. consider shifting roles and titles on the EC to better accommodate the current and long range missions  
To read the full interview, click HERE.  

Four Reasons to Attend SIMposium 2014
SIMposium 2014 is shaping up to be a great event!  The Denver team is working hard on building a forward thinking, innovative agenda that will keep you on the edge of your seat.  The competition for a share of ever-shrinking travel and conference budgets is fierce. Here are four reasons to spend some of yours on SIMposium 2014: 
  • The View from Above: "C" level business leaders discuss what they need and want from each other. Honest, frank conversations without the business-speak. 
  • The CIO As Business Leader: CIOs who have made the transformation from technology specialist to business leader provide insight to their success.  
  • Innovative leaders share their secrets. You, too, can be innovative in your career and life. 
  • SIM Tank: venture capitalists and 'disruptive' companies offer a unique opportunity to visualize the future of business. That's right, more things to worry about over your morning coffee.
This is not your typical business conference, this is not your typical technology conference, and this is not your typical leadership conference. SIMposium 2014 brings it all together to provide you with the knowledge, skills, insight, and connections to help you navigate the pitfalls and potential of our brave new world.


How to Reduce Costs While Staying Agile

APCOne way in which multinational companies successfully compete in today's ultra-competitive global marketplace is by reducing costs through economies of scale and scope. However, accomplishing this goal isn't easy, and some companies never succeed. Standardizing and rationalizing systems, processes, and data require collaboration and compromise across both business units and geographic locations. Even when senior management exerts sufficient pressure, significant disruptions and uncertainties often ensue. In successful cases, companies gain global efficiencies, but they often do so at the cost of local flexibility, which is essential for competing globally. 

Back-office processes and systems such as finance, accounting, payroll, meeting and travel services, IT support, and procurement are often early candidates for standardization and rationalization because they tend to be process driven. Procter & Gamble, Armstrong World Industries, and Bristol-Myers Squibb are three examples of multinational companies that have centralized such functions into enterprise services organizations.

Michael Wade, professor at IMD, a business school in Lausanne, Switzerland, has conducted research for the Society for Information Management's (SIM's) Advanced Practices Council (APC) on "anchored agility," which is his term for the balance between global efficiency and local flexibility. Even with payroll and other back-office functions that lend themselves to economies of scale, Wade notes that there are processes and systems that should retain local variations. How a company makes that determination can be tricky. Wade has presented APC members with a framework for determining the correct balance. The framework can be summarized by two questions:

SIM's 35th Anniversary IT Trends Survey Now Open!
The 35th Anniversary IT Trends Study officially opened on Sunday, April 6.  We're looking to go above and beyond 2013's record response and make IT Trends and SIM the voice of IT leadership.  With the help of SIM's membership of distinguished IT leaders, we can make that happen!


Why should I participate? 

  1. Benchmark yourself with your peers: Complete the main section of the questionnaire and get a personalized report comparing your responses to the rest. Complete more, get more in your report. This is a 35th anniversary first!
  2. Win one of 35 $250 gift cards: Complete the main section and you're entered in a drawing for 15 cards; each of the two optional sections has a drawing for 10 more.
  3. Help your chapter win scholarship money: Also new in 2014 is the Chapter Challenge. The Chapter with the highest percentage of members completing the main section wins $1000 for scholarships and/or STEM, second place $500, and third $250.
  4. Learn something new: Reading the questionnaire may be educational. Creating it certainly was.
Check your e-mail for your personalized link to the survey.  If you haven't received it, check your SPAM filter, and if its not there e-mail Lead Investigator, Leon Kappelman at for assistance.   

2014 Paper Competition
Each year, the Society for Information Management recognizes innovative business initiatives that use IT to drive measurable results. If you have researched an important and successful IT-related business initiative, the SIM 2014 Paper Competition Committee invites you to submit an abstract describing this initiative. The work described must be implemented and it must have had a significant impact on the organization involved. Winning papers will be a collaboration between academics and practitioners. Since SIM's focus is toward executive management, the work should describe an initiative of interest to senior IS executives. The abstract submission deadline is Friday, May 23. Click HERE for more information.

RLF Experience Contributes to CT Healthcare Exchange Rollout Success
2014 SIM RLF Logo
One of the key people responsible for Connecticut's healthcare exchange platform rollout is Jim Wadleigh, CIO for Jim also happens to be an RLF graduate (Northeast RLF 2006) and he attributes a significant part of his career success to the RLF program. 

Successful Application of Learning 
The challenges in implementing the Affordable Care Act (ACA), especially the online registration capability, are well-chronicled. What is perhaps not so well-known is that there are ACA success stories, as surprising as that might be to some. One such story was recently highlighted on NPR News. 

Connecticut's site is its portal for the state-run exchange under the ACA, and the state is actually happy with the results. So happy, in fact, that they are offering it as a proven solution to other states. Jim is justifiably proud of CT's success and the part he played. However, he acknowledges that the foundation and skills provided by RLF have contributed to his accomplishments and put his career on a trajectory that has led him to his current position.

RLF Benefits for Jim 
As Jim puts it, "RLF made me 'think' introspectively and find personal strengths to leverage and hurdles to overcome. Without that insight, I would not be where I am today."

"Once I internalized the concepts, information, and tools; and clearly understood my own values and goals; I was better able to look at the big picture and think differently - think creatively and strategically - about my direction as well as about problems I needed to solve." 

Jim feels strongly that the RLF program: 
  • Provides valuable tools and other "soft skills" to use on a daily basis
  • Enhances leadership effectiveness by leveraging leadership character and strengthening leadership capability
  • Provides a huge ROI for the sponsoring organization
  • Is just as applicable for business partners as it is for IT leaders
To read more, click HERE.  

The Top 100 Most Social CIOs on Twitter 2014

Huffington Post recently released a list of the top 100 CIOs on twitter and the following SIM members made the list. 

  • Kelly Walsh - Fairfield/Westchester Chapter - @EmergingEdTech
  • Chuck Musciano - RTP Chapter - @EffectiveCIO
  • Kevin More - Boston Chapter - @kmmore
  • Jeanette Horan - Fairfield/Westchester Chapter - @jeanettehoran
  • Jay Ferro - Atlanta Chapter - @jayferro
Congratulations to all who made the list.  To view the entire list of the Most Social CIOs on Twitter, click HERE.

Calling All SIM Authors
Have you authored a book?  If so, the Society for Information Management is creating a SIM book list and would like to know.  The list will contain suggested readings from SIM authors as well as the Regional Leadership Forum book list.  

If you authored a book and would like to share it with your fellow SIM members, please complete the online form HERE.